How They Keep You Weak and Subservient

  1. Jerk off instructions with every music video, poster, and web link. The inescapability of idealized bodies, to make you feel inadequate and properly deferential to the Other.
  2. Romantic love – your highest aim in life is to find your Other, that Perfect Thing. That is your mountain to climb. Once you’re there, your life is over – you will be disappointed, but too worn out and distracted and laden with family responsibilities to do anything about it.
  3. “Follow your passion” – gently guiding you towards occupations that are so saturated that none but the fewest can make enough money to threaten anyone. Entertain us bitches! Don’t bother about the money.
  4. Outrage porn – here get mad at this. Don’t improve your life, just get mad. Hate everyone around you. Divide and conquer.
  5. Sports – watch millionaires have insignificant struggles and conquests. Feel some vicarious joy, some vicarious defeat. Enough defeat to get you to jerk off, but not to work on improving your plight or gaining power.
  6. Racism/sexism/ect-ism: divide and conquer
  7. Bread and circuses
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