Psychotherapist as Bringer of Rain

What is psychotherapy, at its essence? It is the space to explore and think, and the encouragement and support of the other. With those 2 ingredients, you can’t go wrong. With those things, the individual will eventually figure things out. They don’t need the answers, they need the time and space and the support. Everything good will flow from that (for you therapy geeks out there, by support I mean empathy and positive regard – and congruence is necessary so that clients know that this empathy and positive regard is not an act, but is reflective of the “real” you). This is the ultimate form of trusting the process, that if we follow where their energy is, where they go when they have the open (and safe) space to go wherever they wish, it will lead them to where they need to go.

There are some instances where this is not enough; for example, when one is deeply anxious, or surrounded by negativity and unhappiness.

Sometimes indeed more than this is needed. This is one of the great privileges of being a therapist – being a bringer of happiness. Giving clients permission to not listen to anything those around them are telling them, of where their group is pushing them to go, of allowing them to take time out for themselves, to pursue things for their own sake – this is the beauty and the joy of being a therapist.

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