Where to Go on a First Date?

Emotional stimulus. That is what is wanted when you are on a date with a pretty girl. Or stimulus of any kind, because stimulus is exciting and non-sexual stimulus easily leads to (or sometimes is even mistaken for) sexual attraction (date on a bridge experiments).

So yes doing daring things can help with the stimulus, but what if you’re not a dare-devil or don’t feel like that? Well then focus on dates with movement. Emotion is embodied and the best way to get it going is to put yourself in a situation where there is movement and particularly syncronictic movement. This helps to lead to rapport.

What does this encompass? Ice or roller skating and fool around with her and challenge her to match your movements. Rent a music studio booth and sing together (lip movements are movement), go to a concert together for a band you both well enough that you know the words (or have her and you study it before hand lol). Go to the beach and build sandcastles, walk hand in hand and chase (and be chased) by the tide. whatever kind of dance that you would enjoy (not lessons, that’s emasculating unless you already know the dance fairly well) – maybe find a dance online and tell her to study it so you can dance it together in a club.


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